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On a mission to cultivate a better world

Food is about sensory pleasure for sure.
It is also a tool for being well in our head
and feel good in our bodies.

When we’re making healthy choices for our diet, our body is thankful, our mind is calm and our connection with nature is being restored. It’s the care we have for the ecosystem we live in and for ourselves that makes us be at peace.


Did you know spirulina is the 21st century superfood?

Spirulina became famous after it was successfully used by NASA as a dietary supplement for astronauts on space missions. It is one of the most powerful, concentrated and nutritive superfoods in the world, which can be grown with minimum resources. It provides an immense amount of energy, it is super healthy and has a few calories.

spirulina crunchies

What are crunchies?

Meet Spinoa Crunchies, the good tasting spirulina shaped like tiny spaghetti. Have them on your side to keep you company while in need for something to crunch or to accompany your favorite meals. While enjoying them, take your time to think about all the nutrients and antioxidants, iron and proteins this pretty colored microalgae contains. You will immediately feel in harmony with you and your nature.

Spinoa Crunchies

An alternative to spirulina powder and pills, 100% natural and easy to add in any recipes. They look like tiny spaghetti, easy to sprinkle on soups, salads, juices and all your favoritefavorites meals. You can also eat them just as they are – tasty and a little bit salty.

raw spirulina

Straight from
the farmers

How do Spinoa Crunchies taste so good? We work with small scale farmers from France and Burkina Faso that match our vision about good nutrition and ecosystem preservation. They produce spirulina in a controlled environment, using a low-temperature drying process, so the microalgae can keep all its nutritional qualities.

personal farm

Sustainable foods
for a sustainable

Spirulina is a solution that helps us on health, environmental and social levels. We work directly with quality artisanal farmers. They use the same drying process with low temperature (under 42°) to preserve the most proteins and nutrients and to keep a delicate taste. Living vibrantly and finding the balance makes all the difference to you and our planet. Naturally our products are sourced responsibly. We embrace a process mindful of delicate ecosystems and achieve a balance between farming and replenishing.

personal farm

Want to know more?

We answered all the questions about spirulina and crunchies, find it in our FAQ!

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Spinoa is on a mission to
cultivate a better world.

Spinoa was recently selected by Level-up Accelerator Program (developed as part of the Nod makerspace community) to develop an indoor Spirulina Grower. It allows those who wish to take a step towards food self-sufficiency by producing oneself, with few resources, one of the foods of the future!