Spinoa is on a mission to cultivate a sustainable world.

InSpir is a spirulina mini-farm. It helps you to easily grow fresh superfood directly from home. Beside this, InSpir clean the ambient air producing oxigen as much as 50 indoor plant!

Your personal spirulina farm

It looks like a decorative object which offers a green ambient light. Its modular design allow you to use different types of recipients to match the volume and the design you like.

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Our mini farm produces fresh spirulina, you get the best quality of sprulina right at home, it doesn’t get more local than that!


We make it easy to be a farmer and grow own food. Inspir is plug and play, allowing you to sitback and relax as you spirulina grow.


Finally get fresh spirulina on the menu! Mix innovative superfood into your favorite meals.

They talk about us

The future of food


The United Nations calls int he “food of the 21st century” while NASA wants it for astronauts diets in spaceships.Fresh Spirulina is the most nutrition shape, litterlly vibrant food, with all its enzymes and vitamins.


Spirulina offers a cheap and ecologically sound way of producing food. It requires very few ressource and produces oxygen as it grow.


We designed Inspir as an interior design object. More than producing superfood and oxygen, you can enjoy it’s beautiful green ambiance light.

Knowing the story of your food

Pre-orders are now available on startarium with a 20% discount price

Inspir Community

Want to try it before that? Subscribe to our beta-tester program or get involved in the project by reaching us at romain@spinoa.ro

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