Adventurer pack

Already familiar with crunchies, you have a dilemma and like both 🙂 The adventurer pack contains 2 bags of 100 gr, one from each origin : France and Burkina Faso.

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How to use it

Add a teaspoon of spirulina crunchies to your favorite breakfast, smoothie, soup, salad or eat it straight out of the bag like a snak. If you take it just for benefits, you can put a teaspoon of spirulina in a glass of water and in one sip you have your portion of nutrients. How much to use it: Normal: 3 – 6 g, corresponds to 1 to 2 teaspoons. Active lifestyle: 9 g, corresponds to 3 teaspoons. Intensive training: 15g, corresponds to 5 teaspoons. Storage: Seal the bag after opening. Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Contains: 60-70% complete protein: all essential and non-essential amino acids. -Vitamins from group B, vitamin D, vitamin K. -Pigments: chlorophyll, carotenoids, phycocyanin and porphyrin. -Enzymes: superoxide dismutase or SOD key antioxidant. -Minerals: iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, selenium, sodium, copper, chromium, cobalt. -Fatty acids: alpha-linoleic acids and gamma-linolenic acids (which are found only in breast milk).

About spirulina crunchies

Spirulina is a microalgae grown in fresh water. It is known for its nutritional benefits. Its high content of protein, iron and antioxidants makes it a superfood. According to OMS, the best food for human nature in the 21st century. Spirulina strengthens immunity and brings daily vitality. Helps reduce body fatigue, especially in case of iron deficiency. Its high protein content helps to recover muscles after exercise. This quality spirulina can be sprinkled on all recipes: soups, salads, muesli, pasta. You can combine it with fresh fruit or any source of vitamin C to better assimilate iron. Avoid taking it at the same time as tea or coffee, as their tannins prevent the absorption of iron from spirulina.

Why eat spirulina crunchies?

Spirulina Crunchies has a very mild taste, due to its artisanal process and quality. It is dehydrated at a temperature below 42 ° C, which allows the preservation of all nutrients and organoleptic qualities.

Plus you can be 100% confident.