Spiru’choco – Cacao 80%

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A delicious and healthy snack made of Ghana origin fine chocolate (91%) and spirulina crunchies (9%). ChocRaw crunchy texture with a pinch of vanilla flavor is recommended for chocolate lovers, but also for athletes. Each tablet has 35 grams, of which 3 grams of spirulina, respectively the recommended daily dose.

Made in Romania


About spirulina crunchies

Spirulina is a microalgae grown in fresh water. It is known for its nutritional benefits. Its high content of protein, iron and antioxidants makes it a superfood. According to the OMS, the best food for human nature in the 21st century. Spirulina strengthens immunity and brings daily vitality. Helps reduce body fatigue, especially in case of iron deficiency. Its high protein content helps to recover muscles after exercise. This quality spirulina can be sprinkled on all recipes: soups, salads, muesli, pasta. You can combine it with fresh fruit or any source of vitamin C to better assimilate iron. Avoid taking it at the same time as tea or coffee, as their tannins prevent the absorption of iron from spirulina. Why eat spirulina crunchies? Spirulina Crunchies has a very mild taste, due to its process and artisanal quality. It is dehydrated at a low temperature below 42 ° C, which allows the preservation of all nutrients and organoleptic qualities. In addition, you can be 100% confident.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, Spirulina 9%, cocoa butter, natural sweetener, vanilla oil.

Cocoa: 80% cocoa mass. Store in a dry, cool place.

Distributor SPINOA BLUE S.R.L., Str. Dionisie Lupu n.35, Bucharest. PRODUCED IN ROMANIA.


SPIRULINA, 60% protein, vitamins and minerals in large quantities and antioxidants.

COCOA, good for the heart and energy. Flavonoid antioxidants, magnesium, copper.