Spiru’choco – Pecan & Maca 12 Lei

lei (50g) - lei (100g)

A delicious and healthy snack made of dark chocolate (91%) and spirulina crunchies (9%). Made of fine chocolate of Ghana origin, ChocRaw has a crunchy texture and is very tasty. Recommended for chocolate lovers, but also for athletes.
Each tablet has 35 grams, of which 3 grams of spirulina, respectively the recommended daily dose.
Made in Romania



Ingredients: cocoa mass, pecan*, Spirulina 9%, maca, cocoa butter, natural sweetener, vanilla oil. Cocoa: 80% cocoa mass. Store in a dry, cool place. Distributor SPINOA BLUE S.R.L., Str. Dionisie Lupu n.35, Bucharest. MANUFACTURED IN ROMANIA, manufacturer: CORSIAN DELICII SRL. * from organic farming.

100gr 35gr
Energy 439,2 153,7
Lipids 39 13,7
of which sat. 12,6 4,4
Carbohydrate 6,2 2,2
of which sugars 1,8 0,6
Protein 11,1 3,9
Fiber 11.5 4
Salt 0.7 0.24

SPIRULINA, 60% protein, vitamins and minerals in large quantities and antioxidants.

COCOA, good for the heart and energy. Flavonoid antioxidants, magnesium, copper.

MACA, a root rich in vitamins B1, B2, calcium and iron.
PECAN, contain good antioxidants and fats and 19 vitamins and minerals.



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