Mind & body balance

The cocktail of micro-nutrients (beta-caroten, vitamins B1/ B2 / K, magnesium, calcium and iron) contributes to increasing concentration and sharpening your mind. Recommended at work, before an exam or to support your yoga training.

Sport performance

The high content in protein, iron and phycocyanin but also BCAA contributes to boosting performance, protecting your muscles and speeding up recovery.

Immune System Booster

Thanks to their antioxidant and detox properties, Vit ProA, Vit E and the chlorophyll cleanse your body contributing to the reduction of oxidative stress and strengthening your immune system.


Spirulina Crunchies Burkina Faso

30lei (50g) - 57lei (100g)
Burkina Faso tropical climate offers ideal conditions to grow spirulina. Our crunchies are produced by farmers caring about quality and social and environmental issues.

Crunchies France

40lei (50g) - 70lei (100g)
Grown under the sun of Provence, the secret of our crunchies rely on a local recipe : know-how, passion and best-in-class quality standards.

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